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Session: Querying: How to Perform Queries Lazily

In some situations, query execution must be delayed. To cover such a scenario, lazily and many other query extensions have been introduced.


Lazy<List<T>> lazily();

Lazy<List<T>> lazily(Consumer<List<T>> onEval);
onEval Consumer<List<TResult>> An action that will be performed on the query results.
Return Value
Lazy<List<TResult>> Lazy query initializer returning query results.


Lazy<List<Employee>> employeesLazy = session
    .whereEquals("FirstName", "Robert")

List<Employee> employees = employeesLazy.getValue(); // query will be executed here


Lazy<Integer> countLazily();
Return Value
Lazy Lazy query initializer returning a count of matched documents.


Lazy<Integer> countLazy = session
    .whereEquals("FirstName", "Robert")

Integer count = countLazy.getValue(); // query will be executed here


Lazy<Map<String, SuggestionResult>> executeLazy();

Lazy<Map<String, SuggestionResult>> executeLazy(Consumer<Map<String, SuggestionResult>> onEval);
Return Value
Lazy<Map<String, SuggestionResult>> Lazy query initializer containing a map with suggestions for matching executed query


Lazy<Map<String, SuggestionResult>> suggestLazy = session
    .query(Employee.class, Query.index("Employees_ByFullName"))
    .suggestUsing(builder -> builder.byField("FullName", "johne"))

Map<String, SuggestionResult> suggest = suggestLazy.getValue(); // query will be executed here
List<String> suggestions = suggest.get("FullName").getSuggestions();


Lazy<Map<String, FacetResult>> executeLazy();

Lazy<Map<String, FacetResult>> executeLazy(Consumer<Map<String, FacetResult>> onEval);
Return Value
Lazy<Map<String, FacetResult>> Lazy query initializer containing a map with facet results matching executed query


Lazy<Map<String, FacetResult>> facetsLazy = session
    .query(Camera.class, Query.index("Camera/Costs"))

Map<String, FacetResult> facets = facetsLazy.getValue(); // query will be executed here
FacetResult results = facets.get("manufacturer");