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Session: Opening a Session

To open session use the openSession method from DocumentStore.


There are three overloads of openSession methods

// Open session for a 'default' database configured in 'DocumentStore'
IDocumentSession openSession();

// Open session for a specified database
IDocumentSession openSession(String database);

IDocumentSession openSession(SessionOptions sessionOptions);

The first method is an equivalent of doing

store.openSession(new SessionOptions());

The second method is an equivalent of doing

SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions();
options OpenSessionOptions Options containing information such as name of database and RequestExecutor.
Return Value
IDocumentSession Instance of a session object.


try (IDocumentSession session = store.openSession()) {
    // code here


Always remember to release session allocated resources after usage by invoking the close method or wrapping the session object in the try statement.