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What's new

3.0.30187 - 2021/05/19


  • Fix RavenFS synchronization of files that contain special characters in their file names

3.0.30183 - 2019/04/01


  • [Configuration] Added Raven/Esent/MaxSessions configuration option


  • [RavenFS] Useing 15 minutes timeout for streaming headers of files from RavenFS

3.0.30182 - 2018/04/27

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in hotfix versions since the previous stable build - 3.0.30179.

3.0.30181-Hotfix - 2018/04/17


  • [RavenFS] Fixed backup operation

3.0.30180-Hotfix - 2018/03/29


  • [RavenFS] Stability fixes
  • Fix: update license issue
  • Fixed concurrency exception during indexes PUT


  • [RavenFS] Properly escaping queries to ensure we can handle files containing # character in the name
  • [RavenFS] AsyncFilesSession doesn't have to watch conflicts notifications