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Configuration: How to enable FIPS compliant encryption algorithms?


This feature requires a valid enterprise license.

By default, RavenDB server and client are not using FIPS compliant encryption algorithms. In order to turn it on, please refer to the appropriate sections below.

Enabling FIPS encryption algorithms on server


  • Raven/Encryption/FIPS is a global setting and it applies to all databases on a server.
  • Raven/Encryption/FIPS must be set before any database creation (including <system>).
  • Databases created with Raven/Encryption/FIPS turned off (default) will not work on other servers with 'FIPS' turned on (and vice versa). They must be exported and imported.

FIPS compliant encryption algorithms can be turned on by setting Raven/Encryption/FIPS configuration to true in server configuration file.

Enabling FIPS encryption algorithms on client

FIPS compliant encryption algorithms on client can be turned on by setting Raven/Encryption/FIPS appSetting to true in application configuration file (app.config or web.config).



Encryption algorithms used by server and client must match.