Replication conventions


This conventions tells the client how it should behave in a replicated environment when the primary node is unreachable and need to failover to secondary node(s). Detailed description you will find here.



This is called to provide replication behavior for the client. You can customize this to inject your own replication / failover logic by implementing IDocumentStoreReplicationInformer.

conventions.setReplicationInformerFactory(new ReplicationInformerFactory() {
  public IDocumentStoreReplicationInformer create(String url, HttpJsonRequestFactory jsonRequestFactory) {
    return new ReplicationInformer(conventions, jsonRequestFactory);


It allows to change the replication mode for index and transformer definitions when they are created (or changed) by the client code (AbstractIndexCreationTask.execute / AbstractTransformerCreationTask.execute). The possible values are:

  • None - neither indexes nor transformers are updated to replicated instances,
  • Indexes - all created indexes are replicated.
  • Transformers - all transformers are replicated.

By default both indexes and transformers are uploaded to the replication nodes: