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Session: Querying: How to perform a multifaceted search?

Multiple Facet queries can be executed at once using multiFacetedSearch method from advanced session operations.


public FacetResults[] multiFacetedSearch(FacetQuery... queries);
queries params FacetQuery Array of FacetQueries that will be executed on server.
Return Value
FacetResult[] Array of FacetResults. Each matching its FacetQuery position from queries parameter.


FacetQuery facetQuery1 = session.query(Camera.class)
FacetQuery facetQuery2 = session.query(Camera.class)

FacetResults[] results = session.advanced().multiFacetedSearch(facetQuery1, facetQuery2);
FacetResults facetResults1 = results[0];
FacetResults facetResults2 = results[1];