Troubleshooting: Debug endpoints


All endpoints that are not <system>-only can be accessed for particular database by adding /databases/{database_name}/ prefix.


Endpoint Method Parameters Description <system>-only
debug/prefetch-status GET Return prefetching statuses for all indexing groups.
debug/format-index POST - (Content) JSON-array of indexing functions Simplifies and formats given indexing functions.
debug/indexing-perf-stats?format={format} GET - format - output format: json or csv (if empty: json) Indexing performance statistics like duration and input/output count.
debug/indexing-batch-stats GET Indexing performance stats shown for indexing batches
debug/reducing-batch-stats GET Indexing performance stats shown for reducing batches
debug/plugins GET Returns active plugins e.g. triggers and startup tasks.
debug/changes GET Returns Changes API connection details e.g. connection identifier or subscription details.
debug/sql-replication-stats GET Various metrics with SQL Replication performance.
debug/metrics GET All database metrics.
debug/config GET Database configuration file.
debug/docrefs?id={id}&op={op} GET - id - id of a document to check
- op - operation type: from or to
Returns count of references and array of referenced document keys.
debug/index-fields POST - (Content) - indexing function Returns array of field names extracted from indexing function.
debug/list?id={id}&key={key} GET - id - list name
- key - value
Returns value found under key from list.
debug/list-all?id={id} GET - id - list name Returns all values for given list.
debug/queries GET Returns list of currently running queries.
debug/suggest-index-merge GET Returns index merge suggestions.
debug/sl0w-d0c-c0unts GET Counts the number and size of documents for each collection. CAUTION: resource intensive and slow.
debug/user-info GET Returns information about current authenticated user.
debug/tasks GET Returns list of all current database tasks.
debug/routes GET Returns list of all available endpoints. Y
debug/currently-indexing GET Returns current indexing operations details (e.g. what indexes are working and what is the current indexing rate)
debug/remaining-reductions GET Returns information about remaining, scheduled reductions.
debug/request-tracing GET Returns the list of recent requests with detailed info (e.g. headers, execution type).
debug/identities?start={start}&pageSize={pageSize} GET - paging parameters Returns next identity values for collection types, indexes, transformers, etc.
debug/info-package GET Creates debug info package that contains detailed information about the database (e.g. replication information, statistics, queries, requests, hardware information, etc.)
debug/transactions GET Returns information about current DTC transactions.
debug/raw-doc?id={id} GET - id - if of a document Returns raw document data.
debug/subscriptions GET Returns information about existing data subscriptions.  
/admin/voron/tree/{name} GET - name - a tree name Returns the state of a Voron tree.  
admin/stats GET Returns server-wide statistics (e.g. server name, uptime, memory statistics, loaded databases information). More here.
admin/gc GET Starts the garbage collection process.
admin/loh-compaction GET Starts the garbage collection with LOH compaction process.
admin/debug/info-package GET - (Optional) stacktrace - indicates if stacktraces should be included in package (may freeze server for some time to gather them). Returns debug info package for all loaded databases.  
admin/detailed-storage-breakdown GET Returns storage report (e.g. number of documents, indexes, attachments and other storage-dependant statistics).
admin/low-memory-notification POST Simulates low memory on server and executes all memory conservation events.
admin/generate-oauth-certificate GET Generates OAuth certificate.
build/version GET Returns product and build version. Y
indexes/{index_name} ?op=forceWriteToDisk POST - index_name - index name Force in-memory auto-index persistence.
replication/explain/{*docId}?destinationUrl={destinationUrl}&databaseName={databaseName} GET - docId - Id of a document to check
- destinationUrl - destination server URL
- databaseName - destination database name
Tries to explain what is the replication status for a given document on a given replication destination e.g. if the document should have been already replicated or will be replicated


Most of the endpoints can be accessed from the Studio by accessing the Debug section in the Status tab.

Figure 1: Studio : Debug Endpoints