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What's new

3.5.10-patch-35288 - 2019/09/12


  • [Configuration] added ''Raven/Esent/MaxInstances"
  • [Indexing] adjusted Index.HasChanged implementation to detect index changes better

3.5.10-patch-35286 - 2019/08/13


  • improved Cluster topology validation and enhanced backward compatibility for topology header handling


  • allow disposing EmbeddedDocumentStore even if it is not disposed


  • removed redundant cast in 'LoadByUniqueConstraintAsync' method
  • fixed possible ArgumentOutOfRange and NRE in 'WhatChanged'
  • fixed a corner case where 'WhatChanged' was not appending properly all of the changes to the list of returned changes

3.5.10-patch-35283 - 2019/05/09


  • [Configuration] added Raven/Esent/CheckpointDepthMax

3.5.10-patch-35282 - 2019/04/23


  • updated Owin to 4.0.1 and Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.* to 5.2.7 to avoid NRE in the Owin internals that could happen during the authentication process

3.5.9 (35281) - 2019/04/10

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in patch versions since the previous stable build - 3.5.8 (35279) in addition with:


  • [Indexing] Document ID is not shown in indexing exception, if it is thrown during Recurse