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Glossary: SpatialCriteriaFactory


Signature Description
SpatialCriteria RelatesToShape(object shape, SpatialRelation relation) Matches elements based on shape and relation
SpatialCriteria Intersects(object shape) Matches elements which intersects to given shape
SpatialCriteria Contains(object shape) Matches elements which contains given shape
SpatialCriteria Disjoint(object shape) Matches elements which disjoints given shape
SpatialCriteria Within(object shape) Matches elements within given shape
SpatialCriteria WithinRadiusOf(double radius, double x, double y) [Obsolete("Order of parameters in this method is inconsistent with the rest of the API (x = longitude, y = latitude). Please use 'WithinRadius'.")] Matches elements within given radius with center point in (x,y)
SpatialCriteria WithinRadius(double radius, double latitude, double longitude) Matches elements within given radius with center point in (latitude, longitude)



Name Type Description
Relation SpatialRelation Spatial relation
Shape object Shape