Glossary: AdminStatistics


Name Type Description
ServerName string The name of the server
TotalNumberOfRequests int Total number of requests that was made to server
Uptime TimeSpan Server uptime
Memory AdminMemoryStatistics Admin memory statistics (described below)
LoadedDatabases IEnumerable<LoadedDatabaseStatistics> Information about loaded databases (described below)
LoadedFilesystems IEnumerable<FileSystemStats> Information about loaded filesystes (described below)



Name Type Description
DatabaseCacheSizeInMB decimal The size of database cache in MB
ManagedMemorySizeInMB decimal The size of managed memory in MB
TotalProcessMemorySizeInMB decimal The total memory size of progess in MB



Name Type Description
Name string Database name
LastActivity DateTime Time of last activity
TransactionalStorageAllocatedSize long Allocated size of transactional store
TransactionalStorageAllocatedSizeHumaneSize string Allocated size of transactional store (formatted)
TransactionalStorageUsedSize long Used size of transactional store
TransactionalStorageUsedSizeHumaneSize string Used size of transactional store (formatted)
IndexStorageSize long The size of index storage
IndexStorageHumaneSize string The size of index storage (formatted)
TotalDatabaseSize long Total database size
TotalDatabaseHumaneSize string Total database size (formatted)
CountOfDocuments long The amount of documents in database
CountOfAttachments long The amount of attachments in database
DatabaseTransactionVersionSizeInMB decimal The database transaction version size in MB
Metrics DatabaseMetrics Metrics Details
StorageStats StorageStats Storage Details



Name Type Description
Name string Filesystem name
FileCount long The amount of files
Metrics FileSystemMetrics Metrics Details
ActiveSyncs IList<SynchronizationDetails> Information about active syncs
PendingSyncs IList<SynchronizationDetails> Information about pending syncs



Name Type Description
DocsWritesPerSecond double Amount of documents writes per second
IndexedPerSecond double Amount of documents indexed per second
ReducedPerSecond double Amount of documents reduced per second
RequestsPerSecond double Requests per second
Requests MeterData Amount of requests statistics
RequestsDuration HistogramData Histogram of request duration
StaleIndexMaps HistogramData Histogram of stale index count (for map indexes)
StaleIndexReduces HistogramData Histogram of stale index count (for map/reduce indexes)
Gauges Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, string>> Various statistics
ReplicationBatchSizeMeter Dictionary<string, MeterData> Replication batch size statistics
ReplicationDurationMeter Dictionary<string, MeterData> Replication duration statistics
ReplicationBatchSizeHistogram Dictionary<string, HistogramData> Replication batch size histogram
ReplicationDurationHistogram Dictionary<string, HistogramData> Replication duration histogram



Name Type Description
VoronStats VoronStorageStats Stats related to voron storage engine
EsentStats EsentStorageStats Stats related to esent storage engine



Name Type Description
FreePagesOverhead long Free pages overhead
RootPages long Amount of root pages
UnallocatedPagesAtEndOfFile long Unallocated pages at end of file
UsedDataFileSizeInBytes long Used data file size in bytes
AllocatedDataFileSizeInBytes long allocated data file size in bytes
NextWriteTransactionId long next write transaction id
ActiveTransactions List<VoronActiveTransaction> List of active voron's transactions



Name Type Description
FilesWritesPerSecond double Amount of file written per second
RequestsPerSecond double Amount of requests per second
Requests MeterData Request count statistics
RequestsDuration HistogramData Histogram of requests duration



Name Type Description
FileName string File name
FileETag Guid File etag
DestinationUrl string Destination url
Type SynchornizationType Synchronization type

SynchronizationType (enum)


Name Value
Unknown 0
ContentUpdate 1
MetadataUpdate 2
Rename 3
Delete 4