Glossary: RavenQueryStatistics


Name Type Description
IsStale bool Whatever the query returned potentially stale results
DurationMilliseconds long The duration of the query server side
TotalResults int What was the total count of the results that matched the query
SkippedResults int The amount of skipped results
Timestamp DateTime The time when the query results were unstale
IndexName string The name of the index queried
IndexTimestamp DateTime The timestamp of the queried index
IndexEtag Etag The etag of the queried index
NonAuthoritativeInformation bool A value indicating whether any of the documents returned by this query are non authoritative (modified by uncommitted transaction)
LastQueryTime DateTime The timestamp of the last time the index was queried
TimingsInMilliseconds Dictionary<string, double> Detailed timings for various parts of a query (Lucene search, loading documents, transforming results)
ResultSize long The size of the request which were sent from the server. This value is the uncompressed size.
ScoreExplanations Dictionary<string, string> Explanations of document scores