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Commands: How to get server build number?

To check with what version of server commands you are working use getBuildNumber command from GlobalAdmin.


BuildNumber getBuildNumber();

public class BuildNumber {
  private String productVersion;
  private String buildVersion;

  public String getProductVersion() {
    return productVersion;

  public void setProductVersion(String productVersion) {
    this.productVersion = productVersion;

  public String getBuildVersion() {
    return buildVersion;

  public void setBuildVersion(String buildVersion) {
    this.buildVersion = buildVersion;
Return Value BuildNumber Information about current product (server) version and build number.
ProductVersion String String representing current product version e.g. "3.0.0 / 6dce79a"
BuildVersion String String indicating current build version e.g. "3260"

Example buildNumber =


BuildVersion for custom builds is "13"