Status: Index Errors

Here we can view all indexing errors that occurred during indexation. Alerts are listed by date of occurrence in a system, starting with the most recent ones.

Each entry contains the following information:

  • name of an index in which an error occurred,
  • action type (e.g. Map or Reduce),
  • timestamp,
  • error's details,
  • document which caused an error's occurrence

To illustrate this mechanism, we will change the definition of Orders/Totals index and introduce invalid casting, changing decimal into string.

Figure 1. Studio. Status. Index Errors. Index definition change.

When our index is saved, we can see errors that occurred in Index Errors view.

Figure 2. Studio. Status. Index Errors. List of errors.

Invalid indexes

Note that server will mark index as Invalid if a considerable amount of errors connected to a single index is detected. The server will not process such index any longer.

To check Invalid indexes you can go directly to Indexes View.

Figure 3. Studio. Status. Index Errors. Invalid indexes.
Figure 4. Studio. Status. Index Errors. Invalid indexes.