Troubleshooting: Logging

RavenDB has extensive support for logging, enabling you to figure out exactly what is going on in the server.

Logging to Files

The logging to files can be setup by logs configuration defined in the settings.json file. By default, the logging is turned on with the following options:

  • logging level: Operations (high level info for operational users)
  • logs directory: 'Logs' (next to RavenDB executables)

If you want to see the low level debug information you need to set the logging level to Information. The server restart is required to apply the changes.


Modifying the settings.json file requires the server restart. In order to avoid that you can modify the current log level by using the CLI.

This will change the logging level without the need of doing any server restarts, but will not modify the settings.json file, so please bare in mind that after restart the logging level be read from configuration file again.

log <on|off|http-on|http-off|none|operations|information>

You can read more about the command here.

Async log

In order to not affect the server performance too much, even with debug info logging enabled, the RavenDB logging is asynchronous and handled by the dedicated thread responsible for executing the I/O operations.

Studio: Admin Logs

Another option that allows you to see the debug logging without the need to restart the server is to use the Admin Logs feature available in the Studio: Manage Server -> Admin Logs.