What's new

4.2.122 (42093) - 2022/04/19


  • [Backups] fixed issue with backups timers not being rescheduled when database fails to load
  • [Voron] fixed potential deadlock when getting flushing and write transaction locks
  • [Voron] fixed potential race condition between backup and journal applicator
  • [.NET Core] updated to 3.1.24


  • Signed setup-as-service.ps1

4.2.121 (42092) - 2022/03/15


  • [Backup] fixed issue with concurrent access to headers files when doing snapshot backup
  • [Backup] fixed issue with trying to backup already deleted journals when doing snapshot backup
  • [Cluster] fixed unhandled cases for raft snapshot
  • [Debug] fixed potential invalid memory access during creation of Debug Package
  • [Indexing] fixed wrong decompression usage in map-reduce indexes that could result in low level Voron errors
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with compacting an index with NGram analyzer
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with putting ReplacementOf indexes in the database record
  • [Indexing] fixed index error when trying to parse a short type
  • [Indexing] fixed problem with undisposed indexes and UnauthorizedAccessException if an error was thrown during a database initialization
  • [Licensing] fixed the downgrade to dev license from commercial one
  • [SNMP] fixed the count of faulty databases when doing compaction
  • [SNMP] fixes issue with time since oldest backup showing wrong values for never backed up dbs
  • [SNMP] added number of faulty indexes (per database and total)
  • [.NET Core] updated to .NET Core 3.1.23


  • [Bulk insert] forced data flush on initial write of data to the server to fix potential connection problem when using SSL

4.2.120 (42090) - 2022/02/01


  • [Cluster] fixed issue with observer moving node from member to rehab back and forth
  • [Certificates] when database is being deleted, access will be removed from the certificate as well, after recreation of the database permissions needs to be set again
  • [Counters] properly removing counters and counters-snapshot from metadata upon counter deletion
  • [Debug] added database record to the debug package
  • [Encryption] fixed issue with encrypted stream flushes not being done in 4096 increments when using gzip
  • [Indexes] properly handle SelectMany with DateTime
  • [JSON] support for 'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fff' format
  • [Querying] fixed issue with using in projections fields from documents loaded using 'load'
  • [Replication] fixed possible freed memory usage

Client API

  • [Bulk Insert] fixed issue with sending very large documents
  • [Subscriptions] do not fail subscription worker if MaxErroneousPeriod was spent during registration of subscription connection


  • [Backup] region should not be mandatory when using custom S3 host

4.2.119 (42089) - 2021/12/21


  • [Cluster] idle indexes should not be taken into account when calculating promotable state
  • [Compare Exchange] fixed possible NRE when 'AddOrUpdateCompareExchangeCommand' is executed due to possibility of early context release
  • [Configuration] added 'Indexing.TimeSinceLastQueryAfterWhichDeepCleanupCanBeExecutedInMin' configuration option
  • [Configuration] added 'Indexing.IndexStartupBehavior' configuration option
  • [Backup] fixed issue with testing AWS credentials when custom URL is used
  • [Backup] fixed issue with rescheduling backup when during processing it is being moved to another node
  • [Backup] added 'ForcePathStyle' option to S3 settings
  • [ETL] fixed possibility of infinite loop in ETL (backported from 5.2)
  • [Indexing] early stop reference processing if server is under memory pressure
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with retrying 'OutputReduceToCollectionCommand' in transaction merger which could result in not deleting relevant documents
  • [Querying] fixed issue with calculating total number of results when using collection query on a non-existent property
  • [Replication] fixed issue with calculating properly HasRevisions flag when replicating document delete
  • [Replication] revision configuration should create revision bin for documents deleted by replication
  • [Transactions] fixed issue with re-running some of the commands when merging fails and they need to be executed once again one by one
  • [Voron] using 'mmap' instead of 'posix_memalign' when allocating 4KB aligned memory for encryption buffers to avoid memory fragmentation
  • [.NET Core] updated to .NET Core 3.1.22


  • [Docker] added the ability to override server URL via RAVEN_ServerUrl environment variable

4.2.118 (42083) - 2021/11/15


  • [Backup] do not cancel running backup even if task was moved to another node
  • [Cluster] fixed issue with Cluster might accepting commands from higher version than the current one when doing mixed version clusters
  • [Counters] remove leading whitespace from Counter Values Change Vector
  • [ETL] properly validate if number of transform scripts is greater than 0
  • [ETL] properly handling casing mismatch between table name and table definition
  • [ETL] state should be tracked per database ID instead of node tag to avoid progress miscalculations when node is being removed and re-added
  • [Import] handle compare exchange values incrementally when doing an import from v4.x
  • [Indexes] validate if index was created using our database and not copied from a different one
  • [Indexes] properly handle cancellation when doing flush and sync to avoid generating index error
  • [Monitoring] exposed MemInfo (linux) to SNMP
  • [Monitoring] exposed number of faulted databases to SNMP
  • [Replication] do not stop replication when replicating a document with a changed collection and there is a conflict already
  • [Replication] properly handling Tombstones for legacy 3.x replication
  • [Replication] properly setting HasAttachment, HasCounters flag in reverted revision documents
  • [Transactions] properly handling Change Vector when TxMerger executes transactions one by one to avoid returning invalid Change Vector
  • [Voron] fixed invalid handling of journals created based on recyclable ones during the storage recovery on startup
  • [Voron] fixed 'Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.' when generating a storage report
  • [.NET Core] updated to .NET Core 3.1.21

Client API

  • [Session] support for selecting metadata in single call expressions
  • [Operations] fixed issue with using TypeNameHandling.None by user and deserialization of Operations
  • [Operations] fixed issue with contacting server when using server-wide operations and node is a watcher


  • [Licenses] display connectivity to api.ravendb.net
  • [Licenses] show force update license on all license types
  • [Notifications] added total documents size for page size is too big performance hint
  • [Threads] added the ability to view a stack trace of a single thread