RavenDB Cloud Instance Settings

Setting Cloud Configurations via Studio

If you want to change configurations for cloud instances, they must be set in Studio.

To learn how to access the RavenDB Cloud Studio interface, see the Studio section in the Cloud Overview article.

Indexing Settings

Max Batch Size

When heavy-duty indexing is done on a large dataset, there are ways to prevent exhausting memory and other system resources.

  • Indexing is done in batches so that we can calibrate the number of documents that are processed per batch in accordance with available system resources. Additionally, batching creates pauses which free resources so that RavenDB can quickly serve its clients before it continues building the index.
    • e.g. Processing 1,000,000 documents might exhaust memory and other system resources if the configuration is set to process them all in one batch.
      Instead, the index can be set to process the documents in batches of 10,000 to save system resources for other tasks.
  • If RavenDB is indexing documents in multiple batches, it will continue processing each new batch where the previous batch stopped.
  • To calibrate your indexing batch size, you can adjust the Indexing.MapBatchSize configuration setting.

The factors to consider when adjusting the max indexing batch size:

Cloud Indexing Batch Size

RavenDB Cloud sets batch sizes with the following default formula:
Indexing.MapBatchSize = max(PowerOf2(iops * 5), 1024);

Explanation of the configuration value:

In an instance with IOPS of 500

max() = returns the larger of two arguments:

  • PowerOf2(iops * 5) = The power of two that's larger than the argument passed
    500 * 5 = 2,500. The next power of two after 2,500 is 2 ^ 12, which is 4,096 documents.
  • 1024 = minimum number of documents

In this example, 4,096 is larger than 1024, so the maximum batch size will be 4,096 documents.

Overriding the Default Setting

Change cloud configurations in Studio.

Type: int
MinValue: 128
Configuration Key: Indexing.MapBatchSize
Value: Set your preferred maximum number of documents per batch.