Document Extensions Overview

  • Document extensions are data entities associated with documents.

  • Document extensions are stored separately so that modifying an extension value (e.g. a counter or a time series entry) will not modify its parent document.

  • Creating or deleting an extension changes the parent document's meta-data. This document change may trigger indexing, ETL tasks, and various other operations.

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The Document Extensions

  • Counters
    RavenDB's distributed counters are numeric data variables that can be added to documents and used for various counting tasks.

  • Attachments
    Attachments are binary streams (videos, images, PDF, etc.) that can be bound to an existing document.

  • Time Series
    Time series are vectors of data that collect values over time, store the values consecutively across the cluster, and manage the collected data with high efficiency and performance.

  • Revisions
    Document Revisions are snapshots of documents and their extensions that can be created to give access to a document's history.

Studio Document Extension Views

Document Extensions Flags

Document Extensions in Collections View

Document Extensions in Collections View

  1. Documents Tab
    Select to view document options.
  2. Collection
    Select a documents collection.
  3. Extensions
    View which types of extensions are added to the documents.
    Document Extensions Icons

Document Extensions View

Select a specific document to manage the extensions.

In Studio > click Documents Tab > select specific Collection > select specific DocumentID to navigate to the following view:

Managing Document Extensions in Studio

Managing Document Extensions in Studio

  1. Attachments Settings
  2. Counters Settings
  3. Time-Series Settings
  4. Revisions Settings