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RavenDB’s storage engine: Voron–unlocking the secret

1 minutes
A couple of months ago I had the joy of giving an internal lecture to our developer group about Voron, RavenDB’s dedicated storage engine. In the lecture, I’m going over the design and implementation of our storage engine. If you ever had an interest on how RavenDB’s transactional and high performance storage works, that is […]

Certificates from the Ground Up

1 minutes
One of the most fun things that I do at work is share knowledge about how various things work. A few months ago I talked internally about how Certificates work. Instead of just describing the mechanism of that, I decided to actually walk our developers through the process of building the certificate infrastructure from scratch. […]

Using analyzers in RavenDB indexing

110 minutes
We got an interesting question in the RavenDB Discussion: We have Polo (shirts) products. Some customers search for Polo and others search for Polos. The term Polos exists in only a few of the descriptions and marketing info so the results are different. Is there a way to automatically generate singular and plural forms of […]

RavenDB and Two Factor Authentication

95 minutes
RavenDB is typically accessed directly by your application, using an X509 certificate for authentication. The same applies when you are connecting to RavenDB as a user. Many organizations require that user authentication will not use just a single factor (such as a password or a certificate) but multiple. RavenDB now supports the ability to define […]

Recording: Technology & Friends – Oren Eini on the Corax Search Engine

1 minutes
When Oren Eini originally developed RavenDB, he used the Lucene library to implement indexing. Eventually, his team encountered limitations with this strategy, so they created the Corax search engine, which improved query execution time significantly. Oren discusses the challenges involved in creating this engine and the approaches they took to overcome these challenges. Part 1: […]

RavenDB Cloud Global Status vs. Product Status

4 minutes
One of the interesting components of RavenDB Cloud is status reporting. It turns out that when you offer X as a Service, people really care about your operational status. For RavenDB Cloud, we have, which will give you some insights into the overall health of the system. Here are some details from the status page: […]

RavenDB, Raspberry Pi & Hugin Appliance: oh my!

834 minutes
RavenDB can run on the Raspberry Pi, it is actually an important use case for us when our users are deploying RavenDB as part of Internet of Things systems. We wanted to showcase RavenDB’s performance and decided that instead of scaling up and showing you how well RavenDB does ridiculous loads, we’ll go the other way […]

RavenDB Cloud now offering NVMe based clusters

269 minutes
I’m really happy to announce that RavenDB Cloud is now offering NVMe based instances on the Performance tier. In short, that means that you can deploy RavenDB Cloud clusters to handle some truly high workloads. You can learn more about what is actually going on in our documentation. For performance numbers and costs, feel free […]

On-demand webinar: Deep Dive into the Architecture of a NoSQL Database Indexing Engine

1 minutes
Join Oren Eini, CEO of RavenDB, as he explores the design and implementation of RavenDB’s indexing engine Corax, its impact on indexing and query performance, and how the engine addresses common challenges such as slow data retrieval, high hosting expenses, and sluggish development processes. You’ll also gain valuable insights into the architecture’s performance costs and […]