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Create ASP.NET Web API Project with RavenDB

In this section we will go over the steps to creating you own ASP.NET Web API Application.

Step by Step Instructions

1) Make sure you have ASP.NET Web API installed.
2) In visual studio and create a new "ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application" project.
3) As Project template select "Web API".
4) Add the NuGet Package named "RavenDB Client".
5) Create the following controller:

public abstract class RavenDbController : ApiController
	public IDocumentStore Store
		get { return LazyDocStore.Value; }

	private static readonly Lazy<IDocumentStore> LazyDocStore = new Lazy<IDocumentStore>(() =>
		var docStore = new DocumentStore
			Url = "http://localhost:8080",
			DefaultDatabase = "WebApiSample"

		return docStore;

	public IAsyncDocumentSession Session { get; set; }

	public async override Task<HttpResponseMessage> ExecuteAsync(
		HttpControllerContext controllerContext,
		CancellationToken cancellationToken)
		using (Session = Store.OpenAsyncSession())
			var result = await base.ExecuteAsync(controllerContext, cancellationToken);
			await Session.SaveChangesAsync();

			return result;

6) From now on write you application as you would normally but Inherit from RavenDbController in any controller you want to contact RavenDB

Example of a controller:

public class SampleController : RavenDbController
	public Task<IList<string>> GetDocs()
		return Session.Query<WebData>().Select(data => data.Name).ToListAsync();

	public async Task<HttpResponseMessage> Put([FromBody]string value)
		await Session.StoreAsync(new WebData { Name = value });

		return new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.Created);