Bundle: Compression

To reduce the cost of I/O operations and reduce the size of the database on disk, we have introduced the Compression bundle. Compression is only applied on documents, indexes are not compressed. This is because RavenDB is performing a lot of random reads from indexes, whereas with documents, we almost always read/write the full content. Worth noting is that compression process is fully transparent for the end-user.

How to enable compression

To activate compression server-wide just add Compression to Raven/ActiveBundles configuration in global configuration file or setup new database with compression bundle turned on using API or Studio.

store.DatabaseCommands.CreateDatabase(new DatabaseDocument
    Id = "CompressedDB",
    // Other configuration options omitted for simplicity
    Settings =
                // ...
                {"Raven/ActiveBundles", "Compression"}

Above example demonstrates how to create new database called CompressedDB with Compression bundle enabled.


Activating compression bundle is only supported for new databases. Activating or disabling compression on an already existing database will cause DB malfunction.