On the tasks page you can import and export your database:
Tasks Fig 1

Import Database

In here you can import from a .ravendump or .raven.dump file.
Pay attention that existing documents may be overwritten.

The Imported data will be stored in the current database

Export Database

With this task you can export the selected database to a .ravendump file.

Backup database

You need to select a location to store the backup:
Tasks Fig 2

Toggle Indexing

In here you can enable or disable indexing (mostly for debugging) You can see the current state of the indexing in here as well:
Tasks Fig 3

Create sample Data

You can create a sample data for your database here, this option will only work for an empty database

CSV Import

Select a CSV file and import it to this database. CSV files containing unicode characters should be encoded in UTF-8.

Restore Database (will only appear in the system database)

In order to restore from a previous backup you need to enter the backup location, an optional location for the database and a name for the database.
Tasks Fig 4