Bundle: Periodic Backup

In order to enable Periodic Backup you need to enter database settings by pressing Settings on a top navigation panel.
Periodic Backup Fig 1

Once there select the "Periodic Backup" option:
Periodic Backup Fig 2

By default backup is not configured and disabled. To activate it press Activate Periodic Backup, this will activate the backup settings where you will be able to choose your backup type and configure it properly. Periodic Backup Fig 3

Available backup types:

Periodic Backup Fig 4

  • File System Folder where you will need to specify:
    • backup path
    • interval

Periodic Backup Fig 5

  • Glacier Vault or S3 Bucket with following configuration options:
    • name of the vault or bucket
    • AWS Access and Secret keys
    • AWS Region
    • interval

Periodic Backup Fig 6

  • Azure Storage with following fields to fill:
    • name of the storage
    • Azure Storage Account and Key
    • interval

Periodic Backup Fig 7