Licensing RavenDB

Hibernating Rhinos offers both Open Source and commercial editions of RavenDB.

Commercial Projects

Commercial editions can be used in closed source environment and are available under a subscription or perpetual pricing model. Prices are per instance. As long as the subscription is valid, new releases are included in it automatically.

At the development stage, developers can develop with RavenDB without a license. Once you are ready to deploy your application you need to buy a license. For that matter, any of the following environments require a license:

  • QA, if used also by someone outside of the core developers team
  • UAT
  • Pre Production
  • Production

A hot spare instance also require a license.

Open Source Projects

If you are deploying an open source project, you are eligible to get a free license. Please contact us and specify a few basic details about your project (like where your code is published, where do you want to deploy and what your project does) in order to get the open source license.

BizSpark and Startups

If you are a BizSpark startup company please contact us to get a special offer.

Would I be forced to release my OSS projects using Raven under the AGPL?

No, Raven's AGPL license contains an explicit exception for OSS projects. You can release your project under any OSI approved license. Note, however, that you can't change RavenDB's own licensing. Users of your project would still need to comply with RavenDB's licensing.