Revert Revisions

Allow to revert the database to a specific point in time.

This feature is available only if Revisions are enabled.

You can find this option under the Document Revisions in the studio:

Figure 1.

Clicking on Revert Revision will open the the following window:

Figure 2.
Name Description Value Type
Point in Time Roll back all of the documents to the version at the specified time. DateTime
Window Window parameter is used for performance optimization: since revisions are not sorted by date, we stop the revert process when hitting a versioned document outside the window. long (default: 96 * 3,600)

For example when reverting to the point in time of 16/03/2019 09:55 UTC the following rules are applied:

  • Documents modified after 16/03/2019 09:55 UTC will be reverted (by creating new revision) to latest version before 16/03/2019 09:55 UTC.
  • If collection has maximum revisions limit and all of them were created after 16/03/2019 09:55 UTC the oldest revision will be used.
  • Documents created after 16/03/2019 09:55 UTC will be deleted and moved to Revisions Bin.
  • Remaining documents will not be modified.