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What's new

5.1.1 (51007) - 2020/12/01


  • [Compression] fixed possible data corruption that could manifest when compression is used
  • [Encryption] fixed memory leak that occurred when encryption was used
  • [Indexing] fixed possible NRE when using NuGet additional source and it failed to download it
  • [Querying] increased performance and decreased memory usage of collection queries with where clauses for operations (e.g. patching by collection or deleting by collection)
  • [Replication] fixed issue with filtered replication using AllowedSinkToHubPaths instead of AllowedSinkToHubPaths
  • [Replication] fixed possible endless loop in replication tombstone cleanup mechanism

Client API

  • [Querying] fixed that could occur during streaming of query results


  • [Time Series] fixed issues with Time Series visualization caused by JS error

5.1.0 (51000) - 2020/11/18


  • [Filtered Replication] added feature. Documentation
  • [Indexes] added Additional Assemblies from NuGet feature. Documentation
  • [Indexes] added Attachment Content Indexing support. Documentation
  • [Indexes] added Counters and Time Series support to JavaScript indexes.
  • [Pull Replication] revamped feature, added the ability not only to pull the data but also to push it. Documentation
  • [Replication] added server-wide external replication feature
  • [Time Series] added gap filling support. Documentation
  • [Time Series] added scale support. Documentation

    Out of Experimental

  • [Documents Compression] removed experimental flag


  • [Backups] added the ability to exclude databases from server-wide backups
  • [Backups] added Backup Now functionality
  • [Indexes] optimized how reduce result is constructed
  • [Indexes] aligned list of available methods (e.g. counterNamesFor) in JavaScript indexes with C# ones
  • [Time Series] added streaming support
  • [Time Series] added percentile, slope and stddev support
  • [Time Series] added ETL support
  • [Time Series] added the ability to group by tag
  • [.NET] migrated to .NET 5.0
  • [.NET] decreased number of files in the distribution package

    Client API

  • [Conventions] added ShouldIgnoreEntityChanges convention. Documentation
  • [Events] event OnBeforeDelete will be invoked when Delete(id) is executed from now on
  • [Querying] support for explicitly stating the origin of a value in projection. Documentation
  • [Querying] added support for RavenQuery.Cmpxchg in single projection queries
  • [Serialization] added support for C# 9 records
  • [Session] support for includes in Time Series. Documentation
  • [Session] implemented ConditionalLoad. Documentation
  • [Subscriptions] added OnUnexpectedSubscriptionError event


  • [Backups] added dedicated view
  • [Configuration] added the ability to collapse document properties by default
  • [Document] added the ability to collapse the properties panel
  • [Menu] added the ability to collapse it
  • [Quality of Life] polished a lot of views and made considerable amount of UX enhancements
  • [Setup] added the notification to download the admin certificate at the end of the setup