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  • Compare-Exchange are cluster-wide key/value pair items where the key is a unique identifier in the database.

  • CmpXchg items coordinate work between sessions that are trying to modify a shared resource (such as a document) at the same time.

  • Compare exchange items are created and managed by either of the following:

  • In this page:

The Compare Exchange View

Compare Exchange View

Compare Exchange View

  1. Documents Tab
    Select to see document-related options and the list of documents in this database .
  2. Compare Exchange
    Select to see the Compare Exchange view.
  3. Add new item
    Click to add a new compare exchange key/value pair.
  4. Compare exchange key/value properties
    Click the edit button or key name to edit this item.
    Compare Exchange Single Pair

    1. Key
      A unique identifier that is reserved across the cluster.
      Enter any string of your choice.

      Atomic Guards

      If keys start with "rvn-atomic", they are Atomic Guards.
      They are created and maintained automatically to guarantee ACID cluster-wide transactions.
      Do not remove or edit these as this will disable ACID guarantees.

      Atomic Guard

      Atomic Guard

    2. Value
      Enter a value that will be associated with the key.
      Values can be numbers, strings, arrays, or objects. Any value that can be represented as JSON is valid.
    3. Metadata
      Click to add metadata.
      The metadata is associated with the key, similar to document's metadata.
    4. Raft Index
      The raft index increments automatically each time the value or metadata are changed, indicating the compare-exchange item's current version.
    5. Delete
      Click to delete this compare exchange item.


      Deleting a compare exchange item will remove ACID guarantees for transactions if the pair was set up to protect ACIDity.
      Only remove or edit these if you truly know what you're doing.

    6. Save
      Save will only succeed if the Raft Index version that is currently stored within RavenDB for this key matches the version that shows in the view.