What's new

5.4.2 (54006) - 2022/09/01


  • [Corax] Performance improvements during indexing
  • [Corax] Improved execution of range queries
  • [Cluster] Fixed infinite leader/follower negotiation
  • [Cluster] Fixed incapability to expand database group
  • [Compression] Fix potential usage of disposed buffer in ZstdStream
  • [Compression] Suppressing security check for Zstd native calls for better performance
  • [Core] Fixed possible leak of an instance of a document database that could lead to data corruption or errors with accessing db.lock file
  • [Debug] Fixed dump creation via /admin/debug/gcdump
  • [Indexing] Support for creation of dynamic and spatial fields on arrays inside JavaScript indexes
  • [Indexing] Added a performance hint when fanout index is outputting a source document
  • [Indexing] Added a performance hint warning about too many usages of 'let' in index definition
  • [Indexing] Fixed side-by-side index duplication after server restart
  • [Indexing] Fixed handling of out of disk space errors
  • [Indexing] Improved memory usage calculations on Linux for big indexes
  • [Memory] Fixed native memory allocation when in specific case of fragmentation
  • [Querying] Fixed performance of collection query with startsWith()
  • [Setup] Allow to create a setup package for unsecured setup via Setup Wizard
  • [Subscriptions] Fixed problem with a subscription not sending over new docs after restart of responsible node
  • [.NET] updated to .NET 6.0.8


  • Improved error messages in case of broken responses
  • [Session] Fixed marking document as dirty if only read operations or no-op operations were performed on metadata
  • [Session] Added ability to include counters, time series when including revisions
  • [Session] Fixed unexpected behavior for saving same entity with different id
  • [Querying] Support for more complex scenarios when querying on a dictionary


  • [Cluster Dashboard] Added details per database to Ongoing Tasks widget
  • [Cluster Dashboard] Added Elasticsearch ETL to Ongoing Tasks widget
  • [Cluster Dashboard] Added Kafka and RabbitMQ ETLs to Ongoing Tasks widget
  • [Cluster Dashboard] Added configuration option to scale disk size based on its size
  • [Cluster Dashboard] Added server and OS info to Cluster Overview widget
  • [Ongoing tasks] Added Hub task details
  • [Traffic Watch] Added a request size
  • [Index Terms] Fixed querying on complex term objects
  • [Backup Task] Fixed testing credentials functionality
  • Fixed and enhancements


  • Replay traffic watch tool for queries

5.4.1 (54001) - 2022/07/19

Client API

  • fixed error CA2252: Using 'DocumentStore' requires opting into preview features

5.4.0 (54000) - 2022/07/18


  • [ETL] Added Kafka support to our ETL. More here. Thanks @djordjedjukic for an external contribution.
  • [ETL] Added RabbitMQ support to our ETL. More here. Thanks @djordjedjukic for an external contribution.
  • [Corax] new Experimental search & indexing engine. More here.

Client API

  • [Graph API] marked all APIs as obsolete