Get Time Series Names

getTimeSeriesFor usage


  • Open a session.
  • Load an entity to the session either using session.load or by querying for the document via session.query.
    In both cases, the resulting entity will be tracked by the session.
  • Call advanced.getTimeSeriesFor, pass the tracked entity.


  • If the entity is Not tracked by the session, an ArgumentException exception is thrown.


// Open a session
const session = documentStore.openSession();

// Load a document entity to the session
const user = await session.load("users/john");

// Call getTimeSeriesFor, pass the entity
const tsNames = session.advanced.getTimeSeriesFor(user);

// Results will include the names of all time series associated with document 'users/john'


Parameter Type Description
instance object The entity whose time series names you want to get.
Return value
string[] A list of names of all the time series associated with the entity, sorted alphabetically by the name.