Creating Sample Data

  • Sample data can be created in playground databases to enable developers to experiment with features before making changes to their actual database.
    It is populated with various collections, .json documents, indexes, and document extensions.

  • Many of the examples in the RavenDB documentation are based on this sample data.
    Creating it will enable you to play with the data as you use the documentation to familiarize yourself with RavenDB features.

  • In this page:

Create Sample Data

  • Sample data can be added only on an empty database. To create sample data, you can either empty your playground database or create a new database.

    • If you plan to use multiple nodes and/or encryption in production, we recommend installing your playground database in a similar environment.
  • Navigate to Tasks options in Settings, then click the 'Create' button to generate the Northwind data.

Figure 1. Create Sample Data

Create sample data

The Data Generated

Figure 2. The generated sample documents

Sample documents generated

Figure 3. The generated sample indexes

Sample indexes generated

The C# Entities

  • The C# classes used for appropriate documents entities can also be viewed

Figure 4. The C# classes used for the entities

C# Classes