Installation: Manual Setup

By default, when Server is started using run.ps1 (or script. It will open a browser with a Setup Wizard which will guide you through the Server configuration process.

The setup is started because the default configuration file settings.json used in the RavenDB Server package looks like this:

    "ServerUrl": "",
    "Setup.Mode": "Initial",
    "DataDir": "RavenData"

Which means that the Server will run:

  • In Setup Wizard mode
  • On localhost with a random port
  • Store the data in RavenData directory.

Disabling 'Setup Wizard'

To disable the 'Setup Wizard' please change the Setup.Mode configuration to None or remove it completely.

Server Url and Port

Setting the ServerUrl to will bind the server to a localhost with a random port. For manual setup we suggest changing the port to a non-random value e.g. 8080.

Port in Use

In some cases the port might be in use, this will prevent the Server from starting with "address in use" error (EADDRINUSE).


Read the Manual Certificate Configuration section to learn how to setup security manually.


Read the Configuration Section to learn more about using settings.json and see a list of configuration options.