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Ongoing Tasks - General Info

  • Ongoing tasks are work tasks defined for the database.
  • Once defined, these tasks are ongoing, meaning that they will do the defined work for any data change in the database.
  • Each task has a responsible node from the Database Group nodes, this node will actually perform the defined task work.
  • The available ongoing tasks are:

    • External Replication
      • Create a live copy of one database in another RavenDB database
      • This replication is initiated by a node in the source database group
    • RavenDB ETL
      • Write all database documents, or just part of it, to another RavenDB database
      • Data can be filtered and modified with transformation scripts
    • SQL ETL
      • Write the database data to a relational database
      • Data can be mutated with transformation scripts
    • Backup
      • Schedule a backup or a snapshot of the database at a specified point in time
    • Subscription
      • Sending batches of documents that match a pre-defined query for processing on a client
      • Data can be mutated with transformation scripts
  • In this page:

Ongoing Tasks - View

Figure 1. Ongoing Tasks View

Ongoing Tasks List for databases DB1

  1. The list of the current tasks on the database

  2. Task name & state:

    • Active - Task is active and will do its job when there is a change to the database
    • Not-Active - Task is defined but has been disabled
    • Not on Node - The node in the currently viewed tab is not responsible for performing the task
    • Reconnect - Destination is unavailable, the task is active and trying to reconnect
  3. The node that is currently responsible for doing the task

    • If not specified by the user, the cluster decides which node will actually be responsible for the task
    • If a node is down, the cluster will reassign the work to another node for the duration
  4. Tasks graph view

Ongoing Tasks - Actions

Figure 2. Ongoing Tasks Actions

Ongoing Tasks - Actions

  1. Add Task - Create a new task for the database - see below
  2. Details - Click for a short task details summary in this view
  3. Enable / Disable the task
  4. Edit - Click to edit the task
  5. Delete the task
  6. Full screen - Click to see the graph in a full-screen mode

Ongoing Tasks - Add New Task

Figure 3. Ongoing Tasks New Task

Add Ongoing Task