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Documents Compression

Configure Documents Compression

RavendDB will compress documents for selected collections, when storing those documents.
The compression will be applied to:

  • Newly created documents
  • Existing documents that are modified and saved

An existing document opened just for reading will not be compressed.

Document Compression Configuration

Document Compression Configuration

  1. Select the collections for which to activate compression.
  2. List of selected collections.
  3. Toggle whether to activate compression for all revisions of all collections.
  4. Save and apply configuration.

Database Storage Report

Each database has a page Stats > Storage Report that displays detailed information about the contents of its storage. Go here to see the effects of the compression. Refresh the page to see changes.

RavenDB Storage Report

RavenDB Storage Report

  1. The size of each rectangle is proportional to its storage size.
    Click any rectangle to view its subdirectories details.