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License Management

Register License

In order to register an instance of RavenDB with a license, you can:

Figure 1. Register License

Register License

  • Navigate to About page in studio, click Replace License button, copy your license and click submit.
  • Use the following configuration options:

    • License
      The full license string for RavenDB. If License is specified, it overrides the License.Path configuration.

    • License.Path
      Path (either full or relative to the server folder) to the license file.
      Default: license.json in the server folder.
      E.g. - "License.Path": "D:\RavenDB\Server\license.json"
      E.g. - "License.Path": "License\license.json"

  • Each instance of RavenDB has to be registered with a license.
  • A development license isn't applicable for commercial use.

Replace License

To replace license, same as before ,click REPLACE LICENSE and submit a new one.

Figure 2. Replace License

Replace License

Force Update

In order to fetch the latest license information, click FORCE UPDATE.

Figure 3. Force Update

Force Update


License information being update automatically. FORCE UPDATE does not stop this operation.