Disable Entity Tracking

Disable tracking a specific entity in session

  • Tracking can be disabled for a specific entity in the session.
  • Once tracking is disabled for the entity then:
    • Any changes made to this entity will be ignored for saveChanges.
    • Performing another load for this entity will Not generate another call to the server.


const session = documentStore.openSession();        

// Load a product entity, the session will track its changes
const product = await session.load("products/1-A");

// Disable tracking for the loaded product entity

// The following change will be ignored for saveChanges
product.unitsInStock += 1;

await session.saveChanges();


Parameters Type Description
entity object Instance of entity for which changes will be ignored

Disable tracking all entities in session

  • Tracking can be disabled for all entities in the session's options.
  • When tracking is disabled for the session:
    • Method store will Not be available (an exception will be thrown if used).
    • Calling load or query will generate a call to the server and create new entities instances.

const session = documentStore.openSession({
    // Disable tracking for all entities in the session's options
    noTracking: true

// Load any entity, it will Not be tracked by the session
const employee1 = await session.load("employees/1-A");

// Loading again from same document will result in a new entity instance
const employee2 = await session.load("employees/1-A");

// Entities instances are not the same
assert.notStrictEqual(company1, company2);

// Calling saveChanges will throw an exception
await session.saveChanges();

Disable tracking query results

  • Tracking can be disabled for all entities resulting from a query.

const session = documentStore.openSession();

// Define a query
const employeesResults = await session.query({ collection: "employees" })
    .whereEquals("FirstName", "Robert")
     // Set noTracking, all resulting entities will not be tracked

// The following modification will not be tracked for saveChanges
const firstEmployee = employeesResults[0];
firstEmployee.lastName = "NewName";

// Change to 'firstEmployee' will not be persisted

Customize tracking in conventions

  • You can further customize and fine-tune which entities will not be tracked
    by configuring the shouldIgnoreEntityChanges convention method on the document store.
  • This customization rule will apply to all sessions opened for this document store.


const customStore = new DocumentStore();

// Define the 'ignore' convention on your document store
customStore.conventions.shouldIgnoreEntityChanges =
    (sessionOperations, entity, documentId) => {
        // Define for which entities tracking should be disabled 
        // Tracking will be disabled ONLY for entities of type Employee whose firstName is Bob
        return entity instanceof Employee && entity.firstName === "Bob";

const session = customStore.openSession();

const employee1 = new Employee();
employee1.firstName = "Alice";

const employee2 = new Employee();
employee2.firstName = "Bob";

await session.store(employee1, "employees/1-A"); // This entity will be tracked
await session.store(employee2, "employees/2-A"); // Changes to this entity will be ignored

await session.saveChanges();   // Only employee1 will be persisted

employee1.firstName = "Bob";   // Changes to this entity will now be ignored
employee2.firstName = "Alice"; // This entity will now be tracked

session.saveChanges();         // Only employee2 is persisted


store.conventions.shouldIgnoreEntityChanges = (sessionOperations, entity, documentId) => {
    // Write your logic
    // return value:
    //     true - entity will not be tracked 
    //     false - entity will be tracked
Parameter Type Description
sessionOperations InMemoryDocumentSessionOperations The session for which tracking is to be disabled
entity object The entity for which tracking is to be disabled
documentId string The entity's document ID
Return Type Description
boolean true - Entity will Not be tracked
false - Entity will be tracked