Cloud: Pricing, Payment and Billing

You can run a product and pay for it using a credit card or a wire transfer (we require that you provide valid credit card details in any case). You can pay per minute without any commitment, or use one of the yearly-payment models for a substantial discount.

Prices and fees in screenshots that appear in this documentation are for illustration only.
Your actual pricing is determined by the cloud provider, selected region, and the contract that your account is using.


You can pay for your instances by one of three models:

  • On-Demand Payment
  • Yearly with no Upfront payment
  • Yearly with an Upfront payment

On-Demand Payment

The on-demand model lets you pay for your instance by the minute, and come and go as you please.
We will measure your instance run-time from rising to termination, and charge you with minute granularity.

You may find this model useful if you look for flexibility. You are not tied to a particular configuration and are free to shift between configurations at will.

We charge on-demand by the minute, with a minimum limit of one hour.
If you run an instance for 93 minutes, you will pay for exactly 93 minutes.
If you run it for less than an hour, say 42 minutes, you will still be charged for a full hour worth to match the minimum limit.

Yearly Payment

We offer two models of yearly payments: Yearly with no upfront payment, and Yearly with an upfront payment.
Both grant you discounts in relation to the on-demand model.

Be aware however that once a yearly contract has been activated, it is charged fully to the end of the contract and cannot be revoked, halted or changed.

  • Terminating a product you've been paying for yearly, will not stop your monthly payments.

  • Upscaling or downscaling a product you're paying for yearly, will not revoke the yearly agreement.
    Expenses for the new product will be calculated according to its on-demand fee and charged-for separately.

  • Adding nodes to an existing cluster with a yearly contract, however, does not incur additional expenses beyond the cost of running the new nodes.

Yearly with NO upfront payment

Committing for a year and paying monthly, grants you a 5% discount off the running cost.
Yearly No Upfront

Yearly WITH an upfront payment

Committing for a year and paying for it all in advance, grants you a 10% discount off the running cost.
Yearly Upfront

Yearly contracts are relevant only for production products.
Development products can only use the on-demand model.

Viewing current configuration price

While provisioning or editing your product, costs are shown in the Your Order slot.

The overall price is an outcome of your hardware configuration and pricing model, with possible additional expenses.

See for example the price differences between the production basic-grade configurations PB10 and PB20:

  • Production Basic 10:

  • Production Basic 20:

You will also be able to find your products' costs in the Billing & Costs tab.

Additional Expenses

Your pricing model does not cover incidental expenses over -

  • Data Transfer
    Charges over traffic to and from your instances will be added to your basic pricing plan.

  • Expanding your Disk Storage
    When the disk space allocated for your product is 90% full, we will expand it to avoid running out of storage.
    Your payment plan will be updated to reflect the new storage size.

    Deleting files to reduce storage usage after the storage has been expanded will not revoke the expansion.

  • Backup Storage
    Your RavenDB Cloud runs automatic backups on a regular schedule.
    Depending on your retention settings, you may be charged for highly available storage of your backups.

    Your plan includes a 1GB / month backup storage.


You can currently pay by credit card or wire transfer.

Credit Card

You can provide your credit card details while creating your account, or skip this stage and return to it later.
To provide your credit card details at any time, enter your Account tab and click the Add Credit Card button.
Select your main credit card using the Active button, so we know which card to try first.
If charging your active card fails, we'll try to charge other cards you may have provided.

Wire Transfer / Purchase Order

Approach our Support personnel to use wire transfer or purchase order.


Your Portal's Billing & Costs tab summarizes your outstanding charges and past invoices. Additional data you can see there includes Daily cost, Total cost, and the expected charge at the end of this month.

Charging failures

If we fail to charge your account using the payment method you provided, we'll notify you and retry for 7 days. Failure to pay after that period may result in account closure.