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What's new

5.3.0 (53000) - 2021/11/29


  • [ETL] added support for Elasticsearch. Documentation
  • [Patching] added support for JSON Patch. Documentation
  • [Subscriptions] added support for Concurrent Subscriptions. Documentation
  • [Time Series] added support for Incremental Time Series. Documentation
  • [PostgreSQL] added support for PostgreSQL protocol. Documentation
  • [Power BI] added integration with Power BI via PostgreSQL protocol. Documentation
  • [RQL Code Assistance] added in Studio Query View improved Code Assistance based on ANTLR
  • [TCP Compression] added support for compressing data via TCP connections (Replication, Subscriptions)


  • [Backup] support for 'ForcePathStyle' in AWS S3 settings
  • [Backup] exporting and importing compare exchange values should not lowercase the compare exchange keys
  • [Cluster] cluster observer should ignore idle indexes when calculating promotable state
  • [Cluster] fixed issue with removing node too early from the database topology when deleting the database
  • [ETL] added the ability to filter-out deletion on updates of documents
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with too eager deletion of output documents when OutputReduceToCollectionCommand is retried by transaction merger
  • [Indexing] fixed issue with map-reduce value hashing algorithm that could produce more hash collisions than needed
  • [Patching] when executing patch or delete by query and transaction merger re-runs command we should reset state of the commands properly
  • [Querying] added support for JavaScript projection of Time Series values
  • [Querying] properly take offset into account when doing collection query
  • [Querying] fixed issues with sorting when alphanumeric sorting
  • [Replication] properly calculate Sink Task URLs
  • [Revisions] revision configuration should create revision bin for documents deleted by replication
  • [RQL] added support for returning arrays from projections

Client API

  • [Conventions] added 'DisableTcpCompression' convention
  • [Operations] added 'JsonPatchOperation'
  • [Querying] will throw after detecting comparison of a full document
  • [Querying] optimized query building significantly by caching index metadata and parameter names
  • [Subscriptions] added support for handling compressed data


  • [Notifications] added query parameters to 'page size too big' window