Cloud Portal: The Billing & Costs Tab

Use your account's Billing & Costs tab to view your present costs, past invoices and remaining credit.

The Billing & Costs Tab

"Billing & Costs Tab"

Billing & Costs Tab

The Billing & Costs tab will show your existing resources and their costs as well as past billing events.

"List of costs"

List of costs

  • Costs
    Sums up your current expenses over your products.
  • Past Invoices
    Collects your invoices up to date.
  • Contracts
    Shows what remains of services you pre-paid for, e.g. the 10 months left of a yearly contract you've started two months ago.
  • Pay Now
    The Pay Now button is designed to facilitate immediate payment of outstanding costs accrued from previous billing cycles. This feature is especially useful for ensuring timely payments and maintaining up-to-date account status. It can be used when automatic charge fails due to reasons like expired cards or insufficient funds.