Deleting a Counter

Delete Syntax

void Delete(string counterName);
Parameter Type Description
counterName string Counter's name

Delete Usage

  • Flow:

    • Open a session
    • Create an instance of CountersFor.
    • Execute CountersFor.Delete
    • Execute session.SaveChanges for the changes to take effect
  • Note:

    • A Counter you deleted will be removed only after the execution of SaveChanges().
    • Deleting a document deletes its Counters as well.
    • Delete will not generate an error if the Counter doesn't exist.

Code Sample

// 1. Open a session
using (var session = docStore.OpenSession())
    // 2. pass CountersFor's constructor a document ID  
    var documentCounters = session.CountersFor("products/1-C");

    // 3. Delete the "ProductLikes" Counter

    // 4. Save changes to the session