Commands: UpdateMetadata

The POST operation is used if you need to change just the file's metadata without any modification to its content.


curl \
	http://{serverUrl}/fs/{fileSystemName}/files/{name}  \
	-X POST \
    --header "Content-Length:0"
	--header "anyKey:anyValue" \
    --header "If-None-Match:{etag}"


Query parameter Required Description
name Yes The name of modified file
Header Required Description
Content-Length Yes Needed to accomplish the POST request
If-None-Match No Used to pass the file Etag
Any other header No Used to pass metadata records


Status code Description
204 No Content status means that operation completed successfully
405 The concurrency exception occurred
420 The synchronization exception occurred
Return Value Description
None The request does not return any message


In order to change metadata of /movies/intro.avi by setting AllowRead to None value, create the POST request as follow:

curl \
	-X POST http://localhost:8080/fs/NorthwindFS/files/movies/intro.avi  \
	--header "Content-Length:0" \
    --header "AllowRead:None"
< HTTP/1.1 204 NoContent