Status: Map/Reduce visualizer

In this view you get a visualization for map/reduce process. The following options are available in the Action bar:

  • Index Name - choose the name of an appropriate index. If the index chosen is of a fan-out type, one document will be converted into more in the mapping process,
  • Document id - insert the id of the document you want to track,
  • Reduce key - insert the reduce key you want to track,
  • Edit index - edit the chosen index,
  • Run query - link to run query view,
  • Full screen mode - enter the full screen mode for more convenient view,
  • Display information about inserted document aids and reduced keys - displays information about tracked documents and reduce keys,
  • Delete - clears visualizer,
  • Download - download a visualization in .png, .svg., or JSON format,
  • Import- import visualization (in JSON format)

Clicking on a box next to document's name will make the map/reduce path for a given document appear. If you click on a blue box, you will get details of a given map/reduce step.


If you enter order/11 in the Document id, you will get more documents than the one you've entered. It happens because after mapping order/11 creates reduction key for companies/20. Later on all the information for companies/20 keys are downloaded.

Figure 1. Status. Map/Reduce Visualizer.