Commands: Rename

The PATCH method is used to change the file name.


curl \
	http://{serverUrl}/fs/{fileSystemName}/files/{name}?rename={newName}  \
    --header "If-None-Match:{etag}"


Query parameter Required Description
name Yes The name of the file that you want to change
rename Yes The new name of a file
Header Required Description
If-None-Match No Used to pass the file Etag


Status code Description
204 No Content status means that the rename operation processed successfully
404 The file was not found
405 The concurrency exception occurred
420 The synchronization exception occurred
Return Value Description
None The request does not return any value


Execute the following request to change the name /movies/intro.avi to /movies/introduction.avi

curl \
	-X PATCH http://localhost:8080/fs/NorthwindFS/files/movies/intro.avi?rename=/movies/introduction.avi
< HTTP/1.1 204 No Content