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Glossary: BulkInsertOptions


Name Type Description
OverwriteExisting bool Indicates if existing documents should be overwritten. If not, exception will be thrown. Default: false.
CheckReferencesInIndexes bool Enables reference checking. Default: false.
SkipOverwriteIfUnchanged bool Determines whether should skip to overwrite a document when it is updated by exactly the same document (by comparing a content and as well as metadata). Default: false.
BatchSize int Used batch size. Default: 512.
WriteTimeoutMilliseconds int Maximum 'quiet period' in milliseconds. If there will be no writes during that period operation will end with TimeoutException. Default: 15000.
ChunkedBulkInsertOptions ChunkedBulkInsertOptions Allows splitting the bulk insert operation to seperate chunks, forcing creation of new connections, if set to null, the single bulk insert operation will be performed. Default: defined. The default, chunked bulk insert operation is not thread safe, in order to support multi threaded usage of the same bulk insert, this value must be set to null