Time Series: Client API Overview

The Time Series client API includes a set of session methods and store operations.
You can use the API to append (create and update), get, delete, include, patch and query time series data.

Creating and Removing Time Series

A time series is constructed of time series entries, which can be created and deleted using the API.
There is no need to explicitly create or delete a time series.

  • A time series is created when the first entry is appended to it.
  • A time series is deleted when all entries are deleted from it.

session Methods -vs- document-store Operations

Some time series functions are available through both session methods and document-store operations:
You can append, delete, get and patch time series data through both interfaces.

There are also functionalities unique to each interface.

  • Time series functionalities unique to the sessioninterface:
    • session methods provide a transactional guarantee.
      Use them when you want to guarantee that your actions would be processed in a single ACID transaction.
      You can, for instance, gather multiple session actions (e.g. the update of a time series and the modification of a document) and execute them in a single transaction by calling session.SaveChanges, to ensure that they would all be completed or all be reverted.
    • You can use session methods to include time series while loading documents.
      Included time series data is held by the client's session, and can be handed to the user instantly when requested without issuing an additional request to the server
  • Time series functionalities unique to the storeinterface:
    • Getting the data of multiple time series in a single operation.
    • Managing time series rollup and retention policies.
    • Patching time series data to multiple documents located by a query.

Available Time Series session methods

Available Time Series store Operations