Session: How to Get the Current Session Node

When working in a RavenDB cluster, a database can reside on multiple nodes.
When the client needs to send a request to the server, it can have several nodes to choose from.

The client uses this logic to determine which node to send the request to.
Learn more about load balancing the client requests in this overview.

Use the GetCurrentSessionNode method from the Advanced session operations
to find out what is the current node that the session sends its requests to.


Task<ServerNode> GetCurrentSessionNode();

Return Value

The return value of GetCurrentSessionNode is a ServerNode object

public class ServerNode
    public string Url;
    public string Database;
    public string ClusterTag;
    public Role ServerRole;

    public enum Role
        None = 0,
        Promotable = 1,
        Member = 2,
        Rehab = 4


ServerNode serverNode = await session.Advanced.GetCurrentSessionNode();