Configure Conflict Revisions Operation

  • By default, RavenDB creates revisions for conflict documents for all collections
    when conflicts occur and when they are resolved.

  • Use ConfigureRevisionsForConflictsOperation to disable the feature or modify the configuration.

  • If you define default configuration,
    then these settings will override the conflict revisions configuration.

  • If you define any collection-specific configuration,
    then these settings will also override the conflict revisions configuration for that collection.

    • E.g., if the conflict revisions configuration defines that revisions created for conflicting documents will not be purged, but a collection-specific configuration defines an age limit for revisions,
      revisions for conflicting documents of this collection that exceed this age will be purged.
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Configure revisions for conflicts - Example

// Define the settings that will apply for conflict revisions (for all collections)
const conflictRevConfig  = new RevisionsCollectionConfiguration();
conflictRevConfig.minimumRevisionAgeToKeep = TimeUtil.millisToTimeSpan(3600 * 1000 * 24 * 45) // 45 days
conflictRevConfig.purgeOnDelete = true;

// With this configuration:
// ------------------------
// * A revision will be created for conflict documents
// * When the parent document is deleted all its revisions will be removed.
// * Revisions that exceed 45 days will be removed on next revision creation.

// Define the configure conflict revisions operation, pass the configuration
const configureConflictRevisionsOp =
    new ConfigureRevisionsForConflictsOperation(documentStore.database, conflictRevConfig);

// Execute the operation by passing it to maintenance.server.send
// The existing conflict revisions configuration will be replaced by the configuration passed
await documentStore.maintenance.server.send(configureConflictRevisionsOp);


const configureRevisionsOp = new ConfigureRevisionsForConflictsOperation(database, configuration);
Parameter Type Description
database string The name of the database whose conflict revisions you want to manage
configuration RevisionsCollectionConfiguration The conflict revisions configuration to apply

class RevisionsCollectionConfiguration
  • See properties explanation and default values here.

Storage consideration

Automatic creation of conflict revisions can help track document conflicts and understand their reasons.
However, it can also lead to a significant increase in the database size if many conflicts occur unexpectedly.

  • Consider limiting the number of conflict revisions kept per document using:
    minimumRevisionsToKeep and/or minimumRevisionAgeToKeep.

  • Revisions are purged upon modification of their parent documents.
    If you want to purge a large number of revisions at once, you can cautiously enforce configuration.