Documents Compression

  • The Documents Compression feature employs the Zstd compression algorithm
    to achieve more efficient data storage with constantly improving compression ratios.
    Learn more in this overview.

  • Documents compression can be set for all collections, selected collections, and revisions.
    Default compression settings are configurable.

  • When turned on, compression will be applied to:

    • New documents:
      • A new document that is saved will be compressed.
    • Existing documents:
      • Existing documents that are modified and saved will be compressed.
      • Existing documents that are Not modified will only be compressed when executing the
        compact database operation.
  • From the Studio, go to Settings > Documents Compression to set compression for a particular database.
    Compression can also be set from the Client API.

  • To see the contents and size details of your database storage go to the Storage Report view in the Studio.

  • In this page:

Set documents compression from Studio

Document Compression Configuration

Set Document Compression

  1. Go to Settings > Document Compression

  2. Toggle on to compress documents from ALL collections.

  3. Or, select specific collections to be compressed.

  4. Toggle on to compress revisions of all collections.

  5. Save the configuration.