Integrations View

  • The Integrations View allows you to define credentials that third-party clients are required to provide when accessing RavenDB.

  • Providing the credentials is only required of clients when RavenDB is installed as a Secure Server.

  • In this page:

Integrations View

"Integrations View Info"

Integrations View Info

  1. Integrations View
  2. PostgreSQL Protocol Credentials Section
  3. Client Credentials

"Integrations View Actions"

Integrations View Actions

  1. Click to add PostgreSQL client credentials
  2. Click to remove client credentials

"Add Credentials"

Add Credentials

  1. Enter user name
  2. Enter password
  3. Click to generate a password
  4. Click to view the password
  5. Click to copy the credentials
    Note: This is the only opportunity to view and copy the credentials.
  6. Click to cancel the operation
  7. Click to save the credentials