Get Client Configuration Operation
(for database)

  • It is recommended to first refer to the client-configuration description in the put client-configuration article.

  • Use GetClientConfigurationOperation to get the current client-configuration set on the server for the database.

  • In this page:

Get client-configuration

# Define the get client-configuration operation
get_client_config_op = GetClientConfigurationOperation()

# Execute the operation by passing it to maintenance.send
result = store.maintenance.send(get_client_config_op)

client_configuration = result.configuration


class GetClientConfigurationOperation(MaintenanceOperation): ...

# no __init__ (default)

# Executing the operation returns the following object:
class Result:
    def __init__(self, etag: int, configuration: ClientConfiguration):
        # The configuration Etag
        self.etag = etag
        # The current client-configuration deployed on the server for the database
        self.configuration = configuration