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Operations: Server: How to Get Logs Configuration

To get the server logs configuration, use GetLogsConfigurationOperation from Maintenance.Server


public GetLogsConfigurationOperation()

Return Value

The result of executing GetLogsConfigurationOperation is a GetLogsConfigurationResult object:

public class GetLogsConfigurationResult
    public LogMode CurrentMode { get; set; }

    public LogMode Mode { get; set; }

    public string Path { get; set; }

    public bool UseUtcTime { get; set; }
CurrentMode Current mode that is active
Mode Mode that is written in the configuration file and which will be used after a server restart
Path Path to which logs will be written
UseUtcTime Indicates if logs will be written in UTC or in server local time


GetLogsConfigurationResult logsConfiguration = store
    .Send(new GetLogsConfigurationOperation());
GetLogsConfigurationResult logsConfiguration = await store
    .SendAsync(new GetLogsConfigurationOperation());