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Document View

  • In this view, a document can be viewed and edited.

  • Actions such as cloning the document, deleting, adding attachments, and much more can be performed.

  • In this page:

The Document View

Figure 1. Document View

Document: 'Suppliers/1-A' in the 'Suppliers' Collection

  1. Document identifier (ID)

    • For a detailed explanation about the possible identifiers, see Create New Document
    • Clicking the link right by the ID will show the raw document output that is received from the server
  2. Document properties

    • Change-Vector

      • The change-vector uniquely marks the specific version of the document globally in the cluster
      • Each time a document is modified, a new change-vector is generated
      • Used for optimistic concurrency control, various internal operations and caching
      • It is composed of a list of node tags and etags
        Node tag - uniquely identifies a node
        etag - a 64 bit number that is incremented on every operation in a database
    • Modified - The last time the document was modified by any client, or by the Studio

    • Size - The Document size (including attachments)
  3. Document content - The document properties and values in JSON format

    • a. Nested Data

      • Another JSON object can be nested in a property value
    • b. Referenced Documents

      • You can reference other documents from any other collection (or from the current collection)
      • These referenced documents can then be included in a single Load request to the server. See Load with Includes
      • In the example above, document 'categories/1-A' is referenced in the 'Category' property
    • c. Metadata

      • This is additional information about the document
      • The metadata, also in a JSON format, is embedded inside the document and is an integral part of it
      • RavenDB server reserves metadata properties that start with '@' for its own use
      • You can add properties to the metadata to store your own values
      • Note: only the following metadata properties will show in the Studio:
        • @collection - determines to which collection the document belongs to
        • @flags - i.e. if a document has attachments, revisions, etc.
        • Custom metadata properties - any metadata properties generated in code by a client
  4. Related Document

    • List of related documents - those are the documents that are referenced inside the document. (see 3b above)
    • Click to open each

Document View - Actions

Figure 2. Document View Actions

Document View Actions

  1. General actions

    • Save document
    • Delete document
      • The document content is deleted and will not be available again
      • The document itself is marked as a Tombstone , so that the delete action can be replicated to the other database instances
    • Clone document - Create a clone of the current document
      • A copy of the document without attachments is created
      • It can be saved with a new ID
  2. Copy to clipboard

    • Copy to clipboard - The document content is copied
    • Copy as C# class - The C# entity class (reflecting the document JSON content) is copied
  3. Format content

    • Format - Adjust the document JSON format
    • Toggle collapse - Toggle nested complex properties in the document
    • Toggle new lines - Toggle between showing the character '/n', or the actual new lines
  4. Attachments

    • Add any type of file as an attachment to the document